Data & Analytics

Currently, more than 2,500,000 million gigabytes of data are generated every day. Companies from all geographies and industries use this data to make predictions about the future and make important decisions.

The largest technology companies are constantly analyzing their data to generate value and develop new products.

Recent technological advances have exponentially reduced the cost of storage and data computing, making data storage easier and cheaper than ever. Currently, with a greater volume of cheaper and more accessible data, more accurate business decisions can be made.

Identifying the value of the data does not happen only by analyzing them (which is already an advantage in itself). It is a discovery process that requires analysts, business users and executives to ask the right questions, identify patterns, make informed decisions and predict behaviors.

  • Corti, a startup born in 2016, has revolutionized emergency services in Copenhagen by creating a disruptive voice support technology that relies on AI to recognize signs of heart attacks through phone calls.
  • Among the applications of Watson, IBM’s IA, we can find Psyche-E, an algorithm focused on evaluating mental problems through language.